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Pink Cockatoos of the Outback

BIRD TOURS with a sense of place

What is ethical birding?

Do you love to watch birds? Do you particularly love to learn about them, watch their behaviour and understand their lives – by appreciating their habitat, their history, and the other animals and plants that share their world?

Do you love to watch birds ethically, with little disturbance to their natural behaviour?

Join us for an ethical bird tour with a sense of place.  We love to take time to watch the birds, and time to enjoy the spirit of a place. Because a bird is not alone – it needs an ecosystem to support it. Watching leads to understanding, and understanding leads to better protection for our birds.

Our style of bird watching is comfortable. Early morning and late afternoon walks and drives are high on our list of things to do; middle of the day is for relaxing over lunch and (sometimes) for taking a siesta. We allow time for looking at plants, scenery, other animals, people, culture and history where it is relevant and important. As much as possible we give you options so you can bird your way.

“We don’t really do ‘targets’ to the exclusion of all else.  However, we do know what birds are likely each day, what is rare and high-profile, and we love to show you as many birds as possible.  Our Bird Guides do extensive research before each tour, checking recent sightings of high priority species.  We won’t drive past the Wilkins Rock-wallaby for a slim chance of seeing a Yellow Chat.  We can’t ignore the breaching Long-finned Pilot Whales to get back to ‘proper birding’.  Because birds are part of nature, and nature is not our servant.”  Janine Duffy, Echidna Walkabout Bird Guide.

Anyway, often you find what you want when you are relaxed, well-rested and happy and when everyone around you is happy too.

We do lists, and our lists include mammals, reptiles, birds and often, dragonflies and butterflies.

Read on about our in-depth, ethical bird tours.

Whale shark watching in winter at Ningaloo Australia

Maximum Wildlife

7 to 21 days of birds, mammals & reptiles across the continent – from the lyrebirds of the rainforest, parrots of the desert Outback, kookaburras of the coast, to the brolgas of the Top End.

koala tree planting experience

Tawny Frogmouths & Sandpipers

2 days near Melbourne birding in the Australian Bush of the You Yangs and Port Phillip Bay’s RAMSAR listed shorelines and wetlands
Private or group tour.

Male Gang Gangs together in tree

Forest : Cockatoos & Lyrebirds

4 days in the rainforests, mountains & coastlines of East Gippsland

world’s most beautiful cockatoo

Desert : Parrots & Emus

4 days of desert birding in the Outback, near the borders of Victoria and New South Wales

Laughing Kookaburra biggest most famous kookaburra

Coast : Bristlebirds & Kookaburras

3 days of coastal birding on the famous Great Ocean Road

A Rainforest Dove of Far North Queensland

A Rainforest Dove of Far North Queensland

High on a mossy branch, the bird watched me bumbling about on the rainforest track below. The light in a far North Queensland tropical rainforest is both brilliant and muted. You walk in near darkness, peering into shadows, to be dazzled by a beam of pure white...

5 Amazing Facts: Tawny Frogmouth Behaviour

5 Amazing Facts: Tawny Frogmouth Behaviour

Bird or branch? When we introduce travellers to their first Tawny Frogmouth there is a moment of disbelief. “Where?” they ask. “Right there, on the branch,” we reply. “All I can see is a branch.” “Yes, that branch is a bird.” The branch opens it’s eyes. “Oooohhhh!”...

Our Bird Guides

Martin Maderthaner

Martin Maderthaner

Senior Bird Guide

Martin is a serious birder with quick eyes. He has watched birds all over the world, particularly in his home continent Africa.

eBird top birder ranking:

#4 East Gippsland: 240 species

#43 Victoria: 372 species

Australia: 436 species

#55 South Africa: 575 species

Total birds seen: 1412

eBird profile:

Janine Duffy

Janine Duffy

Senior Bird Guide

Janine is a serious birder with a good ear, and a particular love of small bush birds. She also adores seabirds and pelagic trips!

She loves to encourage beginner birders, and believes in fostering an inclusive birding community.

She is Admin for two birding groups on facebook: Women Birders Australia and Mallacoota Birds.

eBird top birder ranking:

#6 East Gippsland, VIC: 234 species

#64 Victoria: 346 species

#10 North-east Top End, NT: 171 species

#91 Northern Territory: 247 species

#251 Australia: 532 species

Total birds seen: 1241

eBird profile:

Roger Smith

Roger Smith

Senior Bird Guide

Roger has been watching birds his whole life, and has a particular love for raptors and birds of the inland, where he grew up. He also loves the native pigeons and doves. 

Roger’s eBird lists are included here:

Brett Howell

Brett Howell

Bird Guide

In just 4 years Brett has become a very skilled birder, with a great eye and quick recall. His recent trip to South America added a new dimension to his birding experience.  Watch this space!

eBird top birder ranking:

#36 East Gippsland: 170 species

#193 Victoria: 293 species 

Australia: 383 species

Total birds seen: 785

eBird profile:

world responsible award

Our Guest's Reviews ...

Fantastic Experience

If you love wildlife and want to see the animals in their natural environment, this is a must-do if you are in Melbourne. It was one of the highlights of our tour. We are so glad we did it!

funtwotravel December 23, 2019