April 15, 2019

It is difficult to find wildlife safaris in Australia, let alone quality guides. Echidna is both. Their knowledge of the history, area, and wildlife is beyond impeccable. Their respect for the wildlife and the land and the history of their country is to be admired. This is a small group tour of about 10 or less. In addition to their tours, Echidna Walkabouts engages in research and preservation of habitat. They invite the tour guests to participate in a small way. On our tour we spent 5 minutes pulling an invasive plant that threatens the koalas. It wasn’t hard work, and we would have stayed much longer helping out with this activity.You will almost definitely see emu, kangaroos and koalas, but don’t forget about the amazing bird life in this region. Don’t short change yourself on a one day large group bus tour. You can do one day with Echidna, but all three days are worth it and highly recommended.