“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi


A microscopic life form has changed the way we travel, view the world and interact with each other. Covid-19 has taught us that we must take care of the wildlife we share our world with.

Updated: 29th July, 2021 – Please Get Vaccinated!

Grey-headed Flying-fox flying daytime

“Research shows that flying foxes are not to blame – we are – and we need to rectify that” Roger Smith, Echidna Walkabout

Abuse of animals had direct links to the outbreak of Covid-19 (read this story from The Guardian). When we mistreat wildlife it can and will ‘bite’ back, sometimes in the most unpredictable ways. We suffer when we forget that we are animals and have more in common with wildlife than we imagine, including diseases.  We MUST learn from the Covid breakdown. We MUST aspire to be better and to care more for our world. We MUST take less and give back more.

You can find out more about giving back here: “Conservation Travel is the future”

Good news: the Covid-19 Vaccine is rolling out

You can track progress on The Guardian’s website here

When can you book your wildlife tour with Echidna Walkabout?

The short answer is NOW!

Make a booking now for 2021, 2022 and beyond! If you’d like to book a tour now please contact us before you make your booking and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about booking with confidence.

If you follow this blog, we’ll keep you updated on how and when you can book with us. We will you regularly so please keep this link to go back to at any time. If you are uncertain please contact us. (Here is the link to this blog: https://www.echidnawalkabout.com.au/does-covid-19-have-an-upside/ )

Will your booking be safe?

Australia is in a great position to take bookings. Current infections from Covid-19 are some of the lowest in the world even with the increases over the last month. As of 29th July, the Australian new infection rate over a 14 day period has averaged 147 a day for the entire country. You can keep track of case numbers on our national broadcaster’s website (Australian Broadcasting Commission – ABC) which is updated regularly. So please go ahead and make a booking with us. We will:

  • provide you with detailed information about your booking
  • guarantee your booking
  • refund any monies that you have paid us if you cannot travel as a direct result of restrictions related to Covid-19

Read our Covid Safe Plan (including our Cancellation Policy)

What is the current position on border closures in Australia?

National Border: International arrivals into Australia are overseen by our Federal Government. Please check this website for up-to-date information for inbound travellers.
State and Territory Borders: Australia has 6 States and 2 (main) Territories. Each State and Territory independently oversees its own borders. State and Territory regulations can change on a weekly or even daily basis.  As of yesterday (28th July) The Guardian provided this update on border restrictions.

Conservation Travel is the future.

Simple recovery is not enough, we should look towards total renewal. Travel will become green, clean and caring where the places we visit are not simple destinations, they are living breathing microcosms of an entire planetary ecosystem that we share not only with other humans but with all life.

We must accept that travel in itself is a drain on resources; the CO2 that traveling emits has direct impacts on climate change which is a far greater threat to humanity – and wildlife – than anything Covid-19 can throw at us. (read our Climate Change Position Statement)

Echidna Walkabout believes that by giving back travellers can justify travel knowing that their emissions will be – at the very least – offset and hopefully far exceeded by their actions at their destination. We call this Conservation Travel, a style of travel that always aims to nurture and give back to nature and to the wildlife that we love. Watch this recent Lonely Planet video celebrating our Conservation Travel efforts.

We have also set up a new website called Conservation Travel Australia. Check it out!

So yes – Covid-19 does have an upside!

Take care & stay safe!

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