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Wild Cockatiels Flying

Some birds are best seen in flight. Wings slash through the air like a volley of thrown spears: fast, glinting silver and black. There’s no time to watch wingbeats. Flying cockatiels are the high-speed gazelles of the air. The natural phenomenon of wild flying...

Red and yellow robin birds of Australia

Some of the most charming little birds of Australia, Australian Robins are perch and pounce insect-eaters that are familiar to most backyard gardeners and farmers. They will use a favourite perch over and over – darting to the forest floor to snatch an insect, then...

Wild Pigeons & Finches in Western Australia

A very special Maximum Wildlife trip to Western Australia's Pilbara & Exmouth regions. On the red rocky hillside, pebbles were rolling slowly down towards the water. But it wasn’t pebbles we could see, it was wild Spinifex Pigeons. .. It was our first morning at...

Unusual Australian Animals, part 1

On a trip to the United States years ago I met a family while waiting for some food. Chatting, the father asked me where I was from. “Australia,” I replied. He bent down to his small daughter and said: “Honey, this lady is from the place where kangaroos live.”...

Seeing Albatrosses in southern Australia

Australia is the land of the albatross. We are a nation surrounded by ocean – the Pacific to the east and north, the Indian to the west and north, and the wildest of them all – the Southern Ocean, to the south. The Southern Ocean is the only ocean that completely...

Best island for wildlife

Raymond Island, in the Gippsland Lakes National Park, is one of Australia’s best islands to see wildlife. On a recent Maximum Wildlife tour, an Echidna was calmly foraging in the picnic ground. We had come there to enjoy lunch, but the echidna photographing...

5 Amazing Facts: Australian Fur Seals

The Australian Fur Seal is only found along the south-east coast of Australia: in Victoria, Tasmania & South Australia. Due to historic hunting, it is one of the rarest fur seals in the world. If you haven’t had an Australian Fur Seal encounter yet, consider going...

Superb Lyrebird plumage & that amazing tail!

Superb Lyrebirds light up the dark rainforest on winter days with their thrilling song and flashy tail. One day in early spring I was walking with guests along a rainforest creek in the Snowy River National Park. We heard a male Superb Lyrebird singing at full...

Red-necked Wallabies socialising

On every Wildlife Journey tour there is a time-stopping, plan-changing wildlife event. One of those moments in nature when nothing else matters, you just watch.... transfixed. Recently, we were driving along the Marlo Plains Road in East Gippsland looking out for wild...

Dolphins of the Great Ocean Road & East Gippsland

A handy summary guide to the dolphins of the Great Ocean Road & East Gippsland, in Victoria Australia. Dolphins can be seen along the Victorian coast all year round. They frequently play and hunt in the surf near the shore, in pods of 6 or more. In Victoria we...

5 Amazing Facts about Eastern Snake-Necked Turtles

Travelling along Australia's Great Ocean Road, you are sure to see lots of wildlife in their natural habitat, including possibly an Eastern snake-necked turtle Chelodina longicollis. Here are 5 amazing facts that will help you enjoy and understand these sweet (but...

Different forests, different koalas

On our Great Ocean Road tour, we usually see koalas every day. But each visit to a wild koala in a forest is different, and exciting. Some wild koalas are seen in dry open forest: furry grey bundles on a huge silver branch, with blue sky as a backdrop. Others live in...

Wild Koala Day: our favourite images of the year

Every year for Wild Koala Day, we compile our favourite wild koala images of the year, taken by our Wildlife Guides and Koala Researchers.  This is the best of the best for 2018 - 2019. Please comment to let us know which is your favourite! #1. The featured image...

Koala climbing, part 3: Style

One of the most exciting things we see on Great Ocean Road and Wildlife Journey tours is a koala climbing up or down a tree. They climb rather like we would, if we had the arm strength, the sharp claws and the grippy hands and feet that koalas have. Read about koala...

Sand is a travel destination

Sand is a destination. There’s a park called the Perry Sandhills just outside of Wentworth in New South Wales, Australia. Tomato-red sand dunes rise like standing waves above the saltbush plains, then collapse into the Murray River. There is wildlife too, but the main...

Rare reptile sighting on Mungo Outback Journey Australia

by Janine Duffy It’s rare to see wild pythons in southern New South Wales and Victoria. Australia has a lot of pythons, but most species are in the north where it is hot all year round. So, in southern Australia, any python sighting is a very special event, and an...

Wildlife Journey October 2019

Wildlife Journey October 2019

List of animals seen on Wildlife Journey tour to East Gippsland, Australia, from 14 to 17 October 2019, with Wildlife Guide Martin Maderthaner: .. Birds seen: Ruddy Turnstone (our first sighting in East Gippsland!), Rufous Whistler, Mistletoebird, Laughing Kookaburra,...

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5 Amazing Facts about Galahs

5 Amazing Facts about Galahs

Galahs are one of Australia’s favourite birds. You can see Galahs in almost any part of Australia, mucking around, playing, squawking and having fun. In East Gippsland on the Wildlife Journey tour we often see Galahs near the Snowy River at Orbost, where we stay at...

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Raising money for Australian birds: Twitchathon 2019

Raising money for Australian birds: Twitchathon 2019

Some say that birders/bird nerds/birdwatchers are a bit crazy. Australian BirdLife’s annual Twitchathon fundraiser shows that it might be true. Twitchathon is "The Amazing Race" for bird lovers. For one mad weekend, teams of birders race each other for the prize:...

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East Gippsland vines: flowers and fruit

East Gippsland vines: flowers and fruit

In the rainforests of East Gippsland, the first flowers you see are on native vines. Vines and climbing plants cover rainforest trees and many have showy flowers and fruit. Glorious sprays of starry white Austral Clematis flowers cover the tops of Lilly Pilly trees. A...

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Small Lizards (Skinks) of East Gippsland

Small Lizards (Skinks) of East Gippsland

Lizards are a little wildlife gem often seen at midday in East Gippsland, when other animals are snoozing or hiding. Our Wildlife Guides’ quick eyes pick up a rustle in the undergrowth, and soon find a shiny bronze Delicate Skink, or the humbug candy-coloured...

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A future for the You Yangs region

A future for the You Yangs region

Parks Victoria are putting together a Master Plan for the You Yangs Region. Submission deadline is 16 October. We, and the koalas, urgently need your input. An email letter is the best way to get your voice heard. You can say what you want about the You Yangs and...

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