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5 Amazing Facts about Brushtail Possums

by Morwenna Petaia ‘Brushies’ are some of our favourite animal sightings on tours. Though considered common*, they are quite secretive and solitary in the Australian Bush, and seeing a Common Brushtail Possum Trichosurus vulpecula at night is a special and wonderful...

Kangaroo mother and joey playing

Eastern Grey Kangaroos live in a matriarchal society, where mothers and joeys have a strong bond. Kangaroo females and their daughters have a long-lasting, very close relationship that usually lasts their whole lives. Wildlife Guide Dan took these beautiful...

A day in the life of a Koala Researcher

It's 06.57am and the first Whats App message comes through: “Weather 7-13 cloudy” The sun has just risen, and already a Koala Researcher is walking through the gum trees, looking. The morning is full of life – Laughing Kookaburras & Rufous Whistlers are yelling,...

Our new baby koalas of 2019!

Spring is an exciting time in the forests of southern Australia: its baby koala season! Koala joeys usually emerge from their mother’s pouch in July, August and September. They have been in there for six months, but mother koalas are experts at hiding their baby...

5 Amazing Facts: Beautiful Rainbow Bee-eater Birds

By Morwenna Petaia Rainbow Bee-eaters are beauty, brains and bravery combined.   On the Wild Top End tour, almost every day we hear a guest exclaim with delight: “What is that beautiful bird?” Almost without looking we know it is a Rainbow Bee-eater. Even after...

Tiny Stars: Finches of the Northern Territory

Across a glary blue sky a flock of 30 tiny birds zipped past. They were silent, flying fast and straight, on a mission. All you saw was a flash of gold, or rosy-brown, or white. They were gone before you had a chance to wonder what they were. Oh well, back to watching...

Butterflies of Northern Territory, part 2

When I first wrote about the butterflies of the Northern Territory I was in the early stages of learning about these magnificent creatures. Back then, I only saw a few of the hundreds of species of butterflies present in the Top End. That first article opened my eyes,...

Cute and Playful Young Dingo

He looked at us, warily. We stayed still. We expected the cute young Dingo to run off, wary as most predators are. We have seen wild Dingoes in East Gippsland, Victoria, and they’ve always been very quick to disappear. He trotted away from us along the roadside for a...

Wild Cockatiels Flying

Some birds are best seen in flight. Wings slash through the air like a volley of thrown spears: fast, glinting silver and black. There’s no time to watch wingbeats. Flying cockatiels are the high-speed gazelles of the air. The natural phenomenon of wild flying...

Red and yellow robin birds of Australia

Some of the most charming little birds of Australia, Australian Robins are perch and pounce insect-eaters that are familiar to most backyard gardeners and farmers. They will use a favourite perch over and over – darting to the forest floor to snatch an insect, then...

Wild Pigeons & Finches in Western Australia

A very special Maximum Wildlife trip to Western Australia's Pilbara & Exmouth regions. On the red rocky hillside, pebbles were rolling slowly down towards the water. But it wasn’t pebbles we could see, it was wild Spinifex Pigeons. .. It was our first morning at...

Unusual Australian Animals, part 1

On a trip to the United States years ago I met a family while waiting for some food. Chatting, the father asked me where I was from. “Australia,” I replied. He bent down to his small daughter and said: “Honey, this lady is from the place where kangaroos live.”...

Seeing Albatrosses in southern Australia

Australia is the land of the albatross. We are a nation surrounded by ocean – the Pacific to the east and north, the Indian to the west and north, and the wildest of them all – the Southern Ocean, to the south. The Southern Ocean is the only ocean that completely...

Best island for wildlife

Raymond Island, in the Gippsland Lakes National Park, is one of Australia’s best islands to see wildlife. On a recent Maximum Wildlife tour, an Echidna was calmly foraging in the picnic ground. We had come there to enjoy lunch, but the echidna photographing...

5 Amazing Facts: Australian Fur Seals

The Australian Fur Seal is only found along the south-east coast of Australia: in Victoria, Tasmania & South Australia. Due to historic hunting, it is one of the rarest fur seals in the world. If you haven’t had an Australian Fur Seal encounter yet, consider going...

Superb Lyrebird plumage & that amazing tail!

Superb Lyrebirds light up the dark rainforest on winter days with their thrilling song and flashy tail. One day in early spring I was walking with guests along a rainforest creek in the Snowy River National Park. We heard a male Superb Lyrebird singing at full...

Red-necked Wallabies socialising

On every Wildlife Journey tour there is a time-stopping, plan-changing wildlife event. One of those moments in nature when nothing else matters, you just watch.... transfixed. Recently, we were driving along the Marlo Plains Road in East Gippsland looking out for wild...

Cool As: Rock-Wallabies of Australia

Cool As: Rock-Wallabies of Australia

Rock Wallaby? What is a rock wallaby? A wallaby is a well known Australian animal, and a member of Australia’s national rugby team. Normally when you put the word rock in front of something it makes it harder and cooler. Rock climbing: Climbing, but harder. Rock...

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Koala Future: Joeys of 2019

Koala Future: Joeys of 2019

Do koalas have a future in the wild? We think they do. In the You Yangs near Melbourne, a population of healthy wild koalas have been monitored for 14 years by Echidna Walkabout & Koala Clancy Foundation. The population is declining, but that is not because of the...

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Koalas & Bushfires: How You Can Help

Koalas & Bushfires: How You Can Help

Globally, koalas are the face of Australia’s terrible bush fires.  It is estimated that more than 2,000 koalas have been killed by fires over November 2019. This article explains how you can help koalas affected by bushfires in Australia. All over the world, people...

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Night sounds of the Northern Territory

Night sounds of the Northern Territory

At night, the Northern Territory Top End is for listening. There’s a special tropical hum in the air – the wonderful sound of healthy insect populations, particularly crickets and katydids, that come to life after dark in the Top End. But there’s another sound, a...

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Trip Report: East Gippsland December 2019

Trip Report: East Gippsland December 2019

Summary: A cool windy week. Shrubs flowering, including some showy bottlebrushes & tea-trees, but few large trees flowering. Rainforest fruits few, with exception of Muttonwood and Cabbage Tree Palms in Snowy River area. Forests to west of area (Lakes Entrance)...

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Frill-necked Lizard in Kakadu

Frill-necked Lizard in Kakadu

“Frilly!!” The vehicle swiftly pulled over and did a U-turn on the Arnhem Highway, somewhere in Kakadu between the South Alligator and Mary Rivers, Northern Territory. Frilly was still there, standing up with that upright posture that dragon lizards (agamids) have....

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