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About Koala Bunyip

Bunyip Origin of name: We asked some travellers for suggestions for a really Australian name. Boomerang and Bunyip were the two favourites. Bunyip is a Wemba-wemba Aboriginal word for a scary monster that lives in billabongs and waterholes. We decided that as...

Wild wallaby drinking

At the end of a long hot Australian summer day, everyone needs a drink. Even wallabies. Swamp Wallabies – Wallabia bicolor - live in the You Yangs and at Serendip, near Melbourne, but hide out in the shade during hot days. By late afternoon they are becoming active,...

Watch: kangaroo mating

Have you ever seen kangaroos mating? You might feel like a weirdo searching “kangaroos mating” online, but admit it – if it was happening in front of you, you would be fascinated. I am, and I see it all the time. One of the greatest things about Eastern Grey Kangaroos...

Dragonflies of Northern Territory, Australia

When you think of iconic wildlife of northern Australia, insects might be low down on your list. But when a huge traffic-light red dragonfly lands beside you on a water lily in a billabong, you may reconsider. Australia is quite rich in odonates (dragonflies &...

Mangrove magic

How would you like to walk on water? You can – by visiting the mangroves in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia. Have you ever watched fish swimming below you? Or heard kingfishers splash into the water beside you? In Australia’s Top End, you can – by visiting the...

We See Wildlife in Surprising Places!

Sometimes, if you know where to look, you can see wildlife in the most surprising places….. Like a scene from Mad Max, the wide red dirt road ends in a huge concrete ramp. The sun is hot, and the wind picks up dust from the road, coating everything with a rusty sheen....

About Koala Zack

Zack Origin of name: It just seemed to suit him.. Known since: He was first seen in October 2013, as a fairly young male. We assume he was around 3 years old at that time. How often seen: Zack has already been seen 29 times in 2018. He is a frequent superstar! Family:...

Outback Reptiles of the Mungo tour

Australian reptiles are a highlight of our Mungo Outback Journey tour. Lizards are plentiful in the sandy, sunny mallee woodlands and saltbush plains of Mungo. Here are some of the reptiles we have seen on tour in the Outback: Goannas/Monitors Goannas (Monitors) are...

About Koala Bermborok

Bermborok Origin of name: The Bermborok Clan of the Wathaurong Aboriginal People lived for tens of thousands of years around the Brisbane Ranges, just west of the You Yangs. The current town of Beremboke is sourced from this name. Known since: She was first seen in...

An Encounter With Some Beautiful Birds of Australia

An Encounter With Some Beautiful Birds of Australia

Mealtimes are great times for watching beautiful birds and other wildlife in Australia. On the Wildlife Journey we take most of our meals outside in nature for this reason. Travel usually involves moving from place to place, but when we eat, we stop. Wildlife feels...

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About Koala Shaz

About Koala Shaz

Shaz Origin of name: Shaz is just such an Aussie name! Known since: We first saw Shaz in November 2015. She looked very young, maybe just 2 years old. How often seen: Shaz was only seen once in 2015, twice in 2016, not at all in 2017. In 2018 she was seen just two...

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5 Amazing Facts: Red-Winged Parrots of northern Australia

5 Amazing Facts: Red-Winged Parrots of northern Australia

5 Amazing Facts about Red-Winged Parrots of northern Australia by Morwenna Petaia Taking a tour of the Wild Top End not only supports eco-tourism in Australia, it allows you to see amazing animals, especially the parrots of Northern Australia. Here are 5 amazing facts...

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Wildlife Journey January 2019

Wildlife Journey January 2019

Highlights of 4 day Wildlife Journey to East Gippsland, Australia, with Wildlife Guide Martin Maderthaner:   All pictures by Martin.  Header image is a lovely young Lowlands Copperhead. Reptile species seen: 7 Goannas, Grass Skink, Jacky Lizard, Gippsland Water...

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About Koala Smoky

About Koala Smoky

Smoky Origin of name: We first found Smoky on 30 January 2006, while a devastating bushfire was raging in the nearby Brisbane Ranges. The air was full of smoke. We lost a healthy koala community and 27 much-loved koalas to that bushfire. From 1992 to 2006 all our...

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