Origin of name:

When we first met Pat as a joey, we weren’t sure if she was female or male. Pat suits both, and it sounded good with her mother’s name: Smoky.

How long known:

Pat has been known to our researchers since January 2006. She was still a baby living with her mother Smoky.  She would have been born in early 2005.

Pat’s mother, Smoky appeared in this National Geographic video at around that time.

How often seen:

Pat is one of our most frequently-seen koalas. In 2016 she was seen on 165 days.  In 2017 she was seen 156 times.


Pat’s mother Smoky shared a home range with her until her death in 2012. Pat has raised three sons – Pitta in 2008, Clancy in 2010 and Banjo in 2012. Clancy remains part of our research project. Pitta and Banjo have left the area and not been seen recently.
Through Clancy, Pat has two known grandsons – Wurdi and Bunyip born to Ngardang in 2016 and 2018, and one known granddaughter – LuLu born to KiKi in 2018. Hopefully Pitta and Banjo also have offspring.


Pat’s home overlapped for many years with Anzac, the dominant male of the region. He was also probably the father of Clancy and Banjo. Now that he is gone, she has three males sharing her home range: Lluvia, Cruiz & Zack have split Anzac’s range between them.  Her nearest female neighbours are Misty and Cuddles, Ruth, Shaz and YuYu.

Interesting notes:

Pat did an amazing thing in 2013 – she left her home range to visit her adult son, Clancy.  Read about that here. 


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