Origin of name:

Gulkurguli means boy in Wathaurong, the original language of the You Yangs region.

A book by Bruce Pascoe: “Convincing Ground: Learning to Fall in Love with Your Country” includes a reference to the Wathaurong word gulkurguli.

Known since:

Gulkurguli (Gulli for short) was first seen in January 2017.

young male wild koala face side view


How often seen:

Gulkurguli was only seen twice in 2017, but 24 times in 2018. He was seen 90 times in 2019, and has already been seen on 32 days in 2020.


Gulli has several offspring with resident females Ngardang and Kiki.  Ngardang’s daughter in 2019: Winjku is fathered by Gulli, and KiKi’s son Mimi of the same age.   At the time of writing (late 2020) both Ngardang & KiKi have new joeys: Kallama and Lara, which are almost certainly fathered by Gulli too.


Gulli took over from Clancy but we are sure Clancy is still nearby. Winberry lives to the east, and Bungaleenee and Jandamarra live to the south. Females Ngardang, Lakorra, Kiki & Kozo, Wemba and Djadja are all close neighbours and potential mates.

Media Appearances:

Gulli has already made a few appearances on social media: Gulkurguli on Koala Clancy’s Facebook


How do we know all this about Gulkurguli ? Our Wild Koala Research Project has been monitoring the koalas of the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges for 20 years, using our non-intrusive method of nose pattern identification.

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