New! Koala Conservation Volunteer Days!

Help a Wild Koala in 2014!

Start 2014 off in a positive, rewarding way by helping a great Aussie character – a wild koala!
Volunteer a few hours of your time on a weekend, create habitat for a wild koala, learn about koalas from an experienced Koala Researcher and meet some of Melbourne’s world-famous wild koalas.

Dates for 2014:
Saturday January 18
Saturday February 15
Sunday March 23

This day is suitable for local Melburnians/Victorians who are interested in learning more about their wild koalas, and volunteering a few hours of their time to help conserve them. Go to this page for more information: Koala Conservation Volunteer Days

For more information call 9646 8249 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Echidna Walkabout has been monitoring wild Koalas in the You Yangs Regional Park and the Brisbane Ranges National Park since 1998. We have held a Research Permit from the Victorian Government Department of Sustainability and Environment to work with the Koalas in the National Park, and operate with the full knowledge and support of Parks Rangers. We visit Koala sites about 6 times a week, all year and also regularly stay in the area for extended research.  Janine and several of the researchers are also registered Wildlife Carers.

Baby koala Clancy left his mum last year to find a home of his own. Luckily, where he lives is part of the Koalas & Kangaroos IN THE WILD tour. On this special wildlife tour, travellers help make him a home.

“International travellers are so moved by seeing koalas IN THE WILD that they want to help protect them” says Janine Duffy, Koala Researcher, Echidna Walkabout. “We offer them the chance to pull some Boneseed weeds, thus making more habitat suitable for koalas like Clancy”.

Boneseed is an invasive weed that has taken over large areas in the You Yangs Regional Park, where Clancy lives. Thick infestations of Boneseed degrade koala habitat. Janine says “In our 7 years of research in the You Yangs we have noticed that Koalas don’t use areas heavily infested with Boneseed”.

For a year now, Echidna Walkabout and guests have been removing weeds from Clancy’s home range. “Our aim was to clear 5,000 weeds in the first year so that Clancy could live safely without having to fight for space” says Janine. “What we didn’t expect was such tremendous enthusiasm from our guests. We cleared Clancy’s home 4 months ahead of schedule, and we’re now working on his future girlfriend’s!

Could we be making a home for Son of Clancy soon?


Koalas are only found in eastern Australia in isolated pockets in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Victoria has a higher number of koalas than NSW and Queensland where the Koala is now declared 'VULNERABLE’. Recent bushfires, land clearance, drought and Human-induced Climate Change are having a huge impact on wild Koalas throughout their range. In some areas declines of 90% have been recorded, and our own research has shown declines of 30% in just one very hot, dry year. Urgent action is required to ensure that Koalas survive as a wild species. See our research reports and more information about our special Koala Research Project.

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