Echidna Walkabout's special style of touring - interactive, respectful experiences in nature - works particularly well for families and educational groups. Driving is kept to a minimum, so that more time can be spent enjoying and learning about nature on short, slow walks through wild environments full of wild creatures.

Most of our tours are designed for families with small children and/or elderly members. One of our highlights, as Guides, is watching a grandfather stalking wild Kangaroos with the help of his 4 year old grandaughter; or listening to a 13 month old squeal with delight as a colourful Sacred Kingfisher flies overhead. Children often enhance the experience on tour - even for unrelated guests - as they often have excellent eyesight, so find wildlife easily, and they have instinctive reactions which the wildlife responds well to. See the tour introductions below for the tours best suited to families.

All our tours are educational, but we relish special interest touring. All our Guides have their own special passions and if we know your interest in advance, we can match the Guide to the group. We can also design a special itinerary for your interest - we have expertise in the following areas: birdwatching, mammals, reptiles, plants, wild Koala behaviour, interacting with wild marsupials (particularly macropods), wildlife care & rescue.

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Koalas & Kangaroos:  IN THE WILD! PROMOTIONAL IMAGES Koalas and Kangaroos IN THE WILD!

Koalas & Kangaroos IN THE WILD 1 day tour - see Kangaroos and Koalas in the wild! This tour is particularly suited to families with children (any age) and elderly members. Driving time is only 45 minutes at each end of the day, with lots of short walks throughout the day. Anyone who can walk 1km can participate in all the activities for the day. The vehicle is usually close by so infants can sleep, or older people can rest if they need to while the group walks on.

This tour can be booked as a small group tour, or as a private party.

See Koalas & Kangaroos IN THE WILD for a full itinerary. For a collection of photographs click image on left.


The Croajingolong Journey 4 day private tour is based around the wilderness of the Mallacoota Lakes and Gipsy Point in Croajingolong National Park (a United Nations World Biosphere Reserve). This area is very rich in birds, reptiles and mammals. This tour is suitable for families with children over 8 years of age, small groups of like-minded travellers and educational and special interest groups. The wildflowers and birdlife of this area are particular highlights.

This tour can be booked as a private party.

See Croajingolong Journey for a full itinerary. For a collection of photographs click image on left.


The Great Ocean Road 3 day tour is a slower-paced option to explore the famous Great Ocean Road. Distances travelled are reasonable (maximum 250km per day) allowing for quality time to be spent in outstanding locations.

Fully inclusive: fully guided by Naturalist Guide, all meals (except dinner Day 1), accommodation at small B&Bs, transport to and from Melbourne, entry fees. Small group tour or private tour.

See Great Ocean Road for a full itinerary. For a collection of photographs click image on left.

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