Kozo is funny, curious and relaxed like his mother KiKi.

Origin of name:

a combination of KiKi and Cruiz. Kozo means “Happy Boy” in Japanese

Known since:

September 2017

How often seen:

Kozo has been seen about six times since he first emerged.


Kozo’s mother is KiKi, daughter of YuYu. His father is probably Cruiz. Kozo is KiKi’s first baby. He has no siblings yet, but has an Aunt – CoCo and a brand new Uncle – Burdungul.


Still living with mum, Kozo’s neighbours are Clancy, Ngardang & Lakorra, males Bungaleenee and Cruiz.

Media Appearances:

Kozo wasn’t born when this video was taken, but this may have been the first time his father met his mother.

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